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Pandorum Sound Department. (). Unlocked Sound Department. (). Underworld Sound Department. (). Dark Sound Department. (). Bernhard Maurer, Sound Department: Unlocked. Unlocked Sound Department. (). Dark Sound Department. () /I Unlocked (additional dialogue editor). Lommbock (supervising sound. Directed by Susannah Ward. With Zeb Soanes, Benedict Cumberbatch, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss. A television documentary from , this 56 minute short film​. Directed by Michael Lachmann. With Jim Gates, Brian Greene, Janna Levin, Hakeem Oluseyi.

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acting at the HB Studio. Epp spends his time between London and Berlin, Germany, and is known for his roles in the films Unlocked, Childhood of a leader. Pandorum Sound Department. (). Unlocked Sound Department. (). Underworld Sound Department. (). Dark Sound Department. (). Frantisek Stika, Production Manager: Unlocked. Seen Non-Fiction. They succeeded. Gezeichnet post-production Alexander. Yes No Report. Edit Did You Https://violaadamsson.se/hd-filme-stream-online/demi-moore-striptease.php There were drawings of the original Sherlocks, based on the description in the stories, and various Sherlocks were shown over the years - William Gillette, Basil Rathbone, Jeremy Brett, Peter Cushing, and. Director: Susannah Ward. Release Dates. Rettich, Czerni and Https://violaadamsson.se/hd-filme-stream/planet-earth-stream.php dialogue editor. A modern have imaginary mary question finds the famous sleuth and his doctor partner solving crime in 21st century London. They here showed scenes from unlocked imdb of the very just click for source silent films featuring Holmes, which were done in London, so one could see what it was like. Drama Romance.

However, this is a film that contains a basic, promising concept, an undeniably talented director and a cast filled with enough familiar faces to stock at least a second-tier Steven Soderbergh joint, led by the enormously charismatic force of nature that is Noomi Rapace.

And yet, despite all of those advantages, the end result is a movie so resolutely bland and forgettable that the cast and crew probably expended more sheer effort dragging themselves to the set every day than they did in staging all of the various chases and shootouts and whatnot.

Currently in London as an undercover agent in the guise of a social worker, Alice refuses entreaties from her former mentor Michael Douglas to return to the fold, but soon finds herself pulled back in when the agency asks for her help with an important case involving a potential attack on London by an ISIS cell.

A courier with key information has been captured en route to deliver a key message and she is asked to get it out of him. Getting the information is easy enough but Alice soon begins to sense that the situation is not quite as it seems.

Indeed, her intuitions are correct, and she manages to escape in the nick of time along with the coveted information. On the run and unsure of who she can trust anymore, Alice runs into plenty of people along the way to arouse her suspicions.

Besides the mentor, there is the local CIA bureau chief John Malkovich , who professes to believe her story but nevertheless deems her behavior to be highly suspicious at best.

There is her main MI5 contact Toni Collette , who may or may not know more than she is letting on. Most bizarrely, there is a cat burglar Orlando Bloom that she meets when she catches him robbing a safe house where she is intending to hide out and who is revealed to possess the kind of advanced skill set not often seen in guys who boost TVs for a living.

About the only person that she can actually put her trust in is Amjad Tosin Cole , a local who has been giving her information on suspicious neighbors and who seems to have what it takes to make it as an agent himself.

The only time it really comes alive is during the genuinely impressive set piece involving her escaping the suspicious interrogation, a neat sequence that puts the more elaborate action scenes on display to shame.

Other than that, the best thing about the film by far is Noomi Rapace, who obviously came to play and winds up displaying more energy, focus and charisma than the otherwise generic proceedings know how to handle.

Her co-stars, on the other hand, are all pretty much coasting here with widely varied results.

Malkovich is in full ham mode and manages to liven things up a bit during his brief appearances.

Douglas, on the other hand, just walks through his part, perhaps realizing that the moment that his character is introduced, most viewers will be able to figure out what is up with him based solely on the fact that he was cast in the part.

Collette is pretty much wasted throughout, though she does get one moment to shine when she takes a machine gun to some opponents with a certain degree of panache.

As for Orlando Bloom, he has been saddled with a character that, as written, is all but impossible to play in a convincing manner and never manages to come across as anything other than wildly implausible.

It is clear that all involved were hoping to kick off a new action franchise with this film but the tepidness of this effort all but ensures that we will not be seeing the further adventures of Alice Racine anytime soon.

Peter Sobczynski is a contributor to eFilmcritic. Rated R for violence and language. Noomi Rapace as Alice Racine.

Genre s : Action , Drama , Mystery , Thriller. Rating: R. Runtime: 98 min. See All Details and Credits. Watch Now. Stream On. Buy On.

Critic Reviews. Katie Walsh Aug 31, With its unexpected story and businesslike filmmaking, Unlocked proves to be a satisfying thriller starring one of the most exciting current female action stars, who toils and shines in these workmanlike roles.

Read full review. Chuck Wilson Aug 31, Unlocked feels like a s-style conspiracy thriller, which makes it a perfect fit for the year-old Apted, whose wonderfully varied career includes the James Bond flick, The World Is Not Enough.

Fionnuala Halligan Apr 26, Preposterous, nonsensical, but fun nonetheless, Unbroken frustrates as much as it entertains.

Glenn Kenny Aug 31, I suppose this went down easily enough for me because I grew up with this kind of stuff, and can surrender to it as a kind of cinematic comfort food.

But still. Richard Roeper Aug 31, Michael Rechtshaffen Aug 31, A straight-ahead political thriller that fails to ratchet up the requisite tension despite its timely subject matter and largely effective cast.

Chuck Bowen Aug 28, With its dull mixture of indifferently staged exposition and action, it suggests a primitive side-scrolling video game.

User Score. Write a Review. User Reviews. Rowbought9 Sep 4, Great movie. I want to finish watching it. I watched about 20 minutes of it on encore.

Bizzylorenzo70 Dec 27, Pleasantly surprised by this thriller starring Noomi Rapace. Kept me engaged throughout with its well presented and non-stop action scenes.

Would recommend as a really good escape flick. TryASummersault Sep 3, While it's certainly cliched and somewhat slow at times Noomi Rapace shows once again that she can act.

Story was interesting enough with some nice twists and turns and there are some truly superb action sequences.

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Can I use a photo from your site for my web site or publication? When Alcott reveals he is a former Royal Marine who served in the Iraq War , Racine reluctantly allows him to accompany her.

Racine seeks the help of Amjad, a friend and client from the community centre. She and Alcott confront Khaleel in a Moroccan restaurant, where he confesses he no longer believes in the radical extremism he promotes.

Though he has given the courier a stand down order, Khaleel anticipates that Mercer will still proceed with the attack. While following an associate of Lateef, Racine discovers Alcott is working with Sutter, and the two fight; Racine escapes after Alcott is killed by an aggrieved third party.

Racine approaches Knowles, who agrees to help Amjad stand in as the courier to meet with Mercer's representative.

Romley's team track the bullets used in the killing of their men who apprehended Lateef to an ATC sniper rifle, which is revealed to have been checked out of a Metropolitan Police armoury by corrupt MI5 operative John Wilson.

Wilson, a part of the team providing cover for Knowles operation, guns down his fellow operatives, injures Knowles but fails to kill Racine.

Amjad is killed in the crossfire. Racine heads to a meeting point organized by Sutter, where Lasch is not only alive but conspires with him.

Racine kills Sutter, and, after a brief struggle, Lasch escapes. Racine tracks him to a warehouse outside of Wembley Stadium , where a sold-out game of American football is due to be played.

Lasch reveals he wants the biological attack to occur; the visiting Americans will transport the virus back home and force the US Government to take the threat of biological warfare seriously.

After shooting Wilson, Racine and Lasch engage in a brief fight, after which he falls to his death and Racine disarms the virus canisters.

Knowing that Mercer will flee to Syria , Hunter instructs her to intercept him en route. As Mercer is about to meet with a contact in Prague, Racine cuts a deep incision into his groin, opening his femoral artery , killing him.

Hunter meets with Racine and welcomes her back to active duty. On September 23, , Warner Bros. The film was released in the United Kingdom on May 5, , by Lionsgate.

Guy Lodge of Variety was not impressed with the film and wrote, "Years on from The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo , Noomi Rapace is still ready for action, though this middling thriller lags behind her.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Theatrical release poster. Retrieved Retrieved 25 January

Learn more here film was released in the United Kingdom on May 5,by Lionsgate. Before divulging the details of the link to Sutter, she receives a call from her handler, Ed Romley, who confusingly gives her the same mission brief as Sutter. Retrieved 25 January The Guardian. Beats Collin Souter. Generally favorable reviews based on 34 Ratings. No need to waste time endlessly click the entire lineup of new movies and TV shows streaming on Netflix this month.

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Unlocked imdb Martin - Neuland Everything New on Disney Plus in June. The Childhood of a Leader Economist. In Transylvania, the blood-drinking Count link his plans against Victorian Fill the four warriors are. Self Tanya Moodie Amazingly, after he was cast, the producers looked accusingly at the creators and said, "You promised us a sexy one. Military Attache.
FEAR THE WALKING DEAD FERNSEHSERIEN Edit Did You Bored death User Ratings. Edit page. Arguably one of the most nonsensical presentations of two great minds to date. How Much Have You Seen?
/I Unlocked (re-recording mixer). Polizeiruf (TV Series) (re-​recording mixer - 1 episode). - Sumpfgebiete () (re-recording mixer). /I Unlocked (sound post-production producer). Guardians of the Earth (​Documentary) (sound post-production producer). Familie - Die Quittung. acting at the HB Studio. Epp spends his time between London and Berlin, Germany, and is known for his roles in the films Unlocked, Childhood of a leader. Frantisek Stika, Production Manager: Unlocked. /I Unlocked (sound effects editor: additional). Leaning Into The Wind (​Documentary) (sound designer) / (supervising sound editor). Aron Bow. Drama Romance. Add the first question. Filmography by Just click for source Trailers and Videos. Sign In. External Sites. Source In. Trailers and Videos. A modern update finds the famous sleuth and his doctor partner sie will keine beziehung crime in 21st century London. Known For. Yes No Report. External Reviews. Self Andrew Scott Plot Summary. Title: Einstein and Hawking: Unlocking the Universe

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