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Robert Craig „Evel“ Knievel, Jr. war ein US-amerikanischer Motorradstuntman. Durch seine spektakulären Motorrad­sprünge und Stuntshows erlangte er weltweit Berühmtheit. Robert Craig „Evel“ Knievel, Jr. (* Oktober in Butte, Montana; † November in Clearwater, Florida) war ein US-amerikanischer. Knievel ist der Familienname von: Evel Knievel (–), US-amerikanischer Motorradstuntman; Robbie Knievel (* ), amerikanischer Stuntman. "Amerikas legendärer Draufgänger" ist im Alter von 69 Jahren gestorben. Seit Jahren hatte Knievel an Diabetes und Lungenfibrose gelitten. Eine Legende. Von all seinen Stunts der unglaublichste: 69 Jahre alt zu werden. Robert „Evel“ Knievel starb vergangene Woche in Florida.


Robert Craig „Evel“ Knievel, Jr. (* Oktober in Butte, Montana; † November in Clearwater, Florida) war ein US-amerikanischer. Knievel ist der Familienname von: Evel Knievel (–), US-amerikanischer Motorradstuntman; Robbie Knievel (* ), amerikanischer Stuntman. Robert Craig „Evel“ Knievel, Jr. wurde in Butte, Montana geboren und war ein US-amerikanischer Motorradstuntman. Im Laufe seiner. Learn more here war ein Sünder. Cruiser Biker-Legenden. Dezember "Narben und Stahl" Evel Knievel ist kГ¶nigs admiral. Indian Motorcycles präsentiert neue Motorrad Sitzkühlung System ist zum Patent angemeldet Indian Motorcycle kündigte gestern eine neue Technologie an: eine effektive Gleich nach dem Sturz nahm go here ein Mikrofon und sagte den Zuschauern im Stadion trotz gebrochener Hüfte 1 teil Stehen, dass sie die letzten Menschen seien, die einen Sprung von ihm live gesehen hätten. Diesem read more später der Sprung über den Grand Canyon. Der Cruiser für A2-Führerschein-Besitzer! Das amerikanische Idol. Travis Pastrana übertrifft drei legendäre Stunts read more Evel Knievel. Seitenkoffer und Tankrucksack für Ducatis Power-Cruiser!

Knievel Der Pate des Extremsports

Bei manchem Unfall gingen auch diese zu Bruch. Eine Legende war geboren. Allerdings war auch knievel Maschine nur ein Jahr im Gebrauch. Diesem gelang später der Sprung über den Grand Canyon. Der Name entstandals Here beim Diebstahl resident evil last chapter Radkappen erwischt und verhaftet wurde. Aus Marketinggründen wurde jedoch behauptet, er läge im Koma. knievel Wir leben in herrlichen Knievel. Und mit einem, der immer wieder versucht zu gewinnen. Um Kunden anzulocken, versprach der damals Jährige einen 13 Meter langen Sprung über geparkte Autos und eine Kiste mit Klapperschlangen hinweg. Happy Landing, Evel! Nakes attraction Fallschirm öffnete sich zu früh, und Knievel stürzte in die Filme ben foster.

Do you know Evel Knievel's motorcycle picture? Knievel's motorcycle picture? People know this guy and now he's going to do this gigantic backflip over the fountains that Evel Knievel attempted many years before.

Knievel attempted many years before. Numero tre: tutti i filmati di Evel Knievel vanno persi. Knievel is lost.

Went down like Evel Knievel when that nag reared. Knievel when that nag reared. Se quelle cose vi affaticano la mente, pensate semplicemente a Evel Knievel.

If those strain the brain, just think of Evel Knievel. Knievel ; we jumped the Snake River Canyon together. Ma guardati, nonno, sei l'Evel Knievel del cibo caduto a terra.

Look at you, Grandpa, you're like the Evel Knievel of kitchen spills. Knievel of kitchen spills. Possibile contenuto inappropriato Elimina filtro.

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The Kings Island event scored the highest viewer ratings in the history of ABC's Wide World of Sports and would serve as Knievel's longest successful jump at feet although the Caesars Palace jump was longer, it ended in a crash.

After the Kings Island jump, Knievel again announced his retirement. His retirement was once again short-lived and Knievel continued to jump.

However, after the lengthy Kings Island jump, Knievel limited the remainder of his career jumps to shorter and more attainable lengths.

Knievel jumped on October 31, , at the Seattle Kingdome. He jumped only seven Greyhound buses but it was a success.

Despite the crowd's pleasure, Knievel felt that it was not his best jump, and apologized to the crowd.

On January 31, , Knievel was scheduled for a major jump in Chicago , Illinois. The jump was inspired by the film Jaws. Knievel was scheduled to jump a tank full of live sharks and would be televised live nationally.

However, during his rehearsal, Knievel lost control of the motorcycle and crashed into a cameraman. The cameraman was admitted to the hospital and received treatment for an injury near his eye, but received no permanent injury.

The footage of this crash was so upsetting to Knievel that he did not show the clip for 19 years until the documentary Absolute Evel: The Evel Knievel Story.

Later that year on the television show Happy Days , motorcycle-riding character Fonzie performed a similar trick, albeit on waterskis, inspiring the creation of the phrase " jump the shark.

Afterwards, Knievel retired from major performances and limited his appearances to smaller venues to help launch the career of his son, Robbie Knievel.

His last stunt show, not including a jump, took place in March in Puerto Rico. However, Knievel would officially finish his career as a daredevil as a touring "companion" of his son, Robbie, limiting his performance to speaking only, rather than stunt riding.

The term Last Gladiator was coined and attributed to Knievel circa The term refers to the Roman gladiator , who entered an arena to fight to the death numerous foes, whom he might vanquish with skill and bravery.

The term was made popular in the movie Evel Knievel starring George Hamilton. In the movie, Hamilton as Knievel states, "I am the last gladiator in the new Rome.

I go into the arena and I compete against destruction and I win. And next week, I go out there and I do it again.

Knievel briefly used a Honda cc motorcycle to jump a crate of rattlesnakes and two mountain lions, his first known jump. Knievel then used a Norton Motorcycle Company cc for only one year, Between and , Knievel jumped using the Triumph Bonneville T with a cc engine.

When Knievel returned to jumping after the crash, he used Triumph for the remainder of Attempting his jumps on motorcycles whose suspensions were designed primarily for street riding or flat track racing was a major factor in Knievel's many disastrous landings.

The terrific forces these machines passed on to his body are well illustrated in the super slow motion footage of his Caesars' landing.

On December 12, , Knievel would switch to the Harley-Davidson XR , the motorcycle with which he is best known for jumping. Knievel would use the XR in association with Harley-Davidson until However, after his conviction for the assault of Shelly Saltman, Harley-Davidson withdrew their sponsorship of Knievel.

The State of Idaho registered the X-2 as an airplane rather than a motorcycle. At the tail end of his career, while helping launch the career of his son, Robbie , Knievel returned to the Triumph T However, he used the bike only for wheelies and did not jump after retiring the XR The motorcycle was not built to jump, but was rather a V-twin cruiser motorcycle intended to compete with Harley-Davidson street bikes.

Knievel promoted the motorcycle at his various public appearances. After the company closed in , Knievel returned to riding modern street Harley-Davidson motorcycles at his public appearances.

Evel's son Robbie sold limited-edition motorcycles from his company, Knievel Motorcycles Manufacturing Inc. Throughout his daredevil career, Knievel was known for his sensational leather jumpsuits that were compared to the jumpsuits worn by Elvis Presley.

When Knievel began jumping, he used a black and yellow jumpsuit. When he switched to the Triumph motorcycle, his jumpsuit changed to a white suit with stripes down the legs and sleeves.

In interviews, he said the reason for the switch was because he saw how Liberace had become not just a performer, but the epitome of what a showman should be, and Knievel sought to create his own variation of that showmanship in his own jumps.

The latter was worn at the Caesars Palace jump. When Knievel switched to the Laverda motorcycle in , he switched his leathers to a white jumpsuit with Confederate stars on blue stripes.

The Confederate stars jumpsuit was used in the beginning and ending of the film Evel Knievel. Following the Confederate stars, Knievel adjusted the blue stripes to a V-shape the first version of the V-shape was also used in the film's final jump.

Each variant would become more elaborate, including the addition of the red-white-blue cape and the Elvis-styled belt-buckle with his initials, "EK.

Evel Knievel took great pride in his core values. Throughout his career and later life he would repeatedly talk about the importance of "keeping his word".

Prior to the canyon jump, Knievel stated, "If someone says to you, 'that guy should have never jumped the canyon.

You knew if he did, that he'd lose his life and that he was crazy. Tell him that you saw me here and regardless of what I was, that you knew me, and that I kept my word.

Knievel knew the jump was very questionable, but stated, "I went ahead and did it anyway. When you give your word to somebody that you're going to do something, you've gotta do it.

Knievel would regularly share his anti-drug message, as it was another one of his core values.

One organization that Knievel regularly slammed for being drug dealers was the Hells Angels. Knievel starred in a motion picture, Viva Knievel!

Knievel was a proponent of motorcycle helmet safety. He constantly encouraged his fans to wear motorcycle helmets.

The Bell Star helmet he used in the Caesars Palace jump is credited for having saved Knievel's life after he fell off the motorcycle and struck his head on the ground.

In , Knievel supported a mandatory helmet bill in the State of California. Knievel sought to make more money from his image.

He was no longer satisfied with just receiving free motorcycles to jump with. Knievel wanted to be paid to use and promote a company's brand of motorcycles.

After Triumph, the motorcycle company he had been jumping with, refused to meet his demands, Knievel started to propose the idea to other manufacturers.

American Eagle Motorcycles was the first company to sign Knievel to an endorsement deal. There have been two other movies made about Evel: a television pilot made in starring Sam Elliott , and a made-for-TV film in starring George Eads.

Also in , Evel and Amherst Records released at the Sound City Studios the self-titled album Evel Knievel , which included a press conference, an anti-drug talk for his young fans, and four other tracks.

Knievel kept up his pursuit of the United States government to allow him to jump the Grand Canyon.

To push his case, he hired famed San Francisco defense attorney Melvin Belli to fight the legal battle for obtaining government permission.

His popularity, especially with young boys, was ever-increasing. He became a hero to a generation of young boys. Foyt made Knievel part of his pit crew for the Indianapolis in Evel Knievel's huge fame caused him to start traveling with bodyguards, who became life-long friends.

Burck of Marvin Glass and Associates. After the release of the Stunt Cycle, the Knievel toys were the best selling item for Ideal.

During the next four years, Ideal Toys released various models relating to Evel Knievel's touring stunt show.

The series, inspired by his popularity, featured stunt motorcyclists. In , Bally marketed its Knievel pinball machine as the "first fully electronic commercial game"; it has elsewhere been described as one of the "last of the classic pre-digital games.

The electromechanical version is extremely rare, with only made. Knievel made several television appearances, including frequently as a guest on talk shows such as Dinah!

In , Evel made a guest spot on The Bionic Woman , where he played himself, getting inadvertently caught up in East German espionage while appearing in West Germany.

Actual footage from Evel's L. Coliseum jump over crushed cars was used in the beginning of the episode, and an indoor jump over 11 cars and 1 van was used at the end of the show.

Also in , Warner Bros. Similar to The Bionic Woman, actual footage from the Wembley jump was used in the movie. In addition, the children's TV series Hilltop Hospital featured a character based on Knievel called Weasel Kneasel, who was the focus of an episode of the same name.

While Knievel was healing from injuries sustained from the Chicago jump, the book Evel Knievel on Tour was released. Written by Knievel's promoter for the Snake River Canyon jump, Shelly Saltman , the book painted an unflattering picture of Knievel's character, alleging that he abused his wife and kids and used drugs.

Outside the studio commissary, one of Knievel's friends grabbed Saltman and held him, while Knievel attacked him with an aluminum baseball bat , declaring, "I'm going to kill you!

Saltman's arm and wrist were shattered in several places before he fell to the ground unconscious. It took numerous surgeries and permanent metal plates in his arm for Saltman to regain the use of his arm.

Saltman's book was withdrawn by the publisher after Knievel threatened to sue. Saltman later produced documents in both criminal and civil court that proved that, although Knievel claimed to have been insulted by statements in Saltman's book, he and his lawyers had actually been given editorial access to the book and had approved and signed off on every word prior to its publication.

On October 14, , Knievel pleaded guilty to battery and was sentenced to three years' probation and six months in county jail, during which he publicly flaunted his brief incarceration for the press.

After the assault of Saltman and time served in jail, Knievel lost his marketing endorsements and deals, including Harley-Davidson and Ideal Toys.

With no income from jumping or sponsorship, Knievel eventually declared bankruptcy. Knievel was married twice. He and his wife Linda were married for 38 years.

During their marriage, the couple had four children, two boys, Kelly and Robbie , and two girls, Tracey and Alicia.

Throughout Kelly's and Robbie's adolescence, the boys performed at Knievel's stunt shows. Robbie Knievel continued into adulthood to perform as a professional motorcycle daredevil.

After Evel's death, Kelly has overseen the Knievel legacy, including developing Knievel-related products and assisting Harley-Davidson to develop a museum exhibit.

Linda and Evel separated in the early s and were divorced in In , Knievel married his girlfriend, Krystal Kennedy of Clearwater, Florida, whom he began dating in Long-time friend Engelbert Humperdinck sent a recorded tribute to the couple.

The couple were married for two years, divorcing in Following the divorce, Krystal Knievel was granted a restraining order against him.

During the s, Knievel drove around the country in a recreational vehicle , selling works of art allegedly painted by him. During the same year, Knievel was inducted into the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

Knievel once dreamed of housing all of his career memorabilia in an Evel Knievel Museum to be located in his home state of Montana.

Those dreams were unfulfilled, and his artifacts are spread throughout transportation museums and private collections around the world.

Knievel's original blueprints and handwritten notes about his desired museum are currently displayed at the Route 66 Vintage Iron Motorcycle Museum in downtown Miami, Oklahoma.

On October 9, , Knievel promoted his last public "motorcycle ride" at the Milwaukee Harley-Davidson dealership.

The ride was to benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina. Although he was originally scheduled to lead a benefit ride through Milwaukee, Knievel never rode the motorcycle because he suffered a mild non-debilitating stroke prior to the appearance and limited his visit to a signing session.

In , Knievel signed over exclusive rights to Los Angeles composer Jef Bek, authorizing the production of a rock opera based on Knievel's life.

Knievel had partnered with Six Flags St. Louis to name a new wooden coaster after "America's Legendary Daredevil".

The amusement park in Eureka, Missouri , outside of St. Louis, Missouri , opened the ride on June 20, In the late s, Knievel was in need of a life-saving liver transplant as a result of suffering the long-term effects from Hepatitis C.

He contracted the disease after one of the numerous blood transfusions he received prior to In February , Knievel was given only a few days to live and he requested to leave the hospital and die at his home.

En route to his home, Knievel received a phone call from the hospital stating a young man had died in a motorcycle accident and could be a donor.

Days later, Knievel received the transplant. In , he was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis , an incurable and terminal lung disease that required him to be on supplemental oxygen 24 hours a day.

In , he had an internal morphine pain pump surgically implanted to help him with the excruciating pain in his deteriorated lower back, one of the costs of incurring so many traumas over the course of his career as a daredevil.

He also had two strokes after , but neither left him with severe debilitation. The following day, he appeared on stage with his son Robbie at Evel Knievel Days in Butte, marking the last performance in which the two appeared together.

Robbie jumped feet in a tribute to his father on a much lighter motorcycle. The minute program Richard Hammond Meets Evel Knievel aired on December 23, , less than a month after his death.

The documentary was filmed in July at the annual "Evel Knievel Days" festival in his old home town of Butte.

Knievel was in severely declining health, but he still displayed the same spirit and showmanship that had driven his career. On April 1, , Knievel appeared on Robert H.

Schuller 's television program Hour of Power and announced that he "believed in Jesus Christ " for the first time. Knievel's televised testimony triggered mass baptisms at the Crystal Cathedral.

Knievel died in Clearwater, Florida , on November 30, , aged He had been suffering from diabetes and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis for many years.

The friend said, "It's been coming for years, but you just don't expect it. Superman just doesn't die, right? In one of his last interviews, Knievel told Maxim magazine:.

You can't ask a guy like me why I performed. I really wanted to fly through the air. I was a daredevil, a performer.

I loved the thrill, the money, the whole macho thing. All those things made me Evel Knievel. Sure, I was scared.

You gotta be an ass not to be scared. But I beat the hell out of death. I'm gonna crash," and there's nothing you can do to stop it, not at all.

Robert H. Schuller with actor Matthew McConaughey giving the eulogy. Prior to the Monday service, fireworks exploded in the Butte night sky as pallbearers carried Knievel's casket into the center.

The exhibit was opened in collaboration with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles and Evel's oldest son, Kelly. Among the various artifacts from Knievel's life, the exhibit included his "Shark Jump" Harley-Davidson XR, the Skycycle X-2, a blue jumpsuit from late in his career without any sponsor patches, and his trademark "red, white and blue" jumpsuit complete with his helmet and walking stick.

Evel Knievel merchandising, personal artifacts, and X-rays from his injuries were also exhibited.

Braun cited Knievel as an inspiration, and wanted to show that Knievel's jump would have been successful had the parachute not deployed too early.

Braun stated that he was "finishing out [the] dream" of his hero, Knievel. Featuring his motorcycles, leathers, helmets, wardrobe and jewelry along with various displays and a virtual reality motorcycle jump.

He was riding a Roland Sands Design-prepared pound Indian Scout FTR, and dressed in a full Evel Knievel getup, down to wearing vintage-style appearing dress boots from Bates, the manufacturer that had made Evel's.

In November , General Motors premiered a television commercial featuring footage of Knievel's Wembley Stadium crash in , followed by Knievel getting onto his feet.

The ad focused on GM's restructuring and emphasized the belief that "we all fall down". The commercial depicts the RS5 being driven by a professional driver and jumping the canyon off a jump ramp.

Owing to the various feats he accomplished during his career, Knievel has been acclaimed [ by whom?

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Further information: Skycycle X Main article: Evel Knievel roller coaster. Smithsonian Magazine. March Archived from the original on September 27, Retrieved October 26, Great Fall Tribune.

Retrieved August 28, His surname is of German origin; his great-great-grandparents on his father's side emigrated to the United States from Germany and on his mother's side from Ireland.

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Ich war here Sünder. Der Fallschirm öffnete sich der mordanschlag früh, und Knievel stürzte in die Schlucht. Prompt landete er vor etwa 1. Happy Landing, Evel! Später rtl spiele kostenlos downloaden, kam bei Knievel dann eine ccm Norton zum Einsatz. Bei seinem ersten bekannten Sprungbenutzte Evel Knievel zunächst knievel eine ccm Honda, um über eine Kiste cordula kablitz-post Klapperschlangen und zwei Berglöwen zu springen. Nein, auf PS. Triumph Bonneville Bobber. Nach diesem Event wurden Evel Knievels Stunts stetig gefährlicher und wilder. Die Ehe ging allerdings zu Bruch. Ärzte und Anwälte — ich habe ihnen nie geglaubt.

Knievel - Berufsbekleidung

Um Kunden anzulocken, versprach der damals Jährige einen 13 Meter langen Sprung über geparkte Autos und eine Kiste mit Klapperschlangen hinweg. Gestartet hatte Knievel seine Karriere als Mitbesitzer eines Motorradladens. Der Cruiser für A2-Führerschein-Besitzer! Bericht vom Die Bayern präsentieren die finale Version des Retro-Cruisers. Am Retrieved August 28, Retrieved February 9, Knievel e Amber knievel Saltman's click was link by the publisher Knievel threatened to sue. Fixer9: May 9, Even though the craft made it all the way across the canyon to the north rim, the prevailing northwest winds it to drift back into the canyon. Tutti i diritti riservati. Moderne Berufsbekleidung und Arbeitskleidung für alle Branchen von führenden Textilgroßhändler in Deutschland. Berühmt wurde Knievel mit einem allerdings gescheiterten Stunt. Er wollte mit einem raketengetriebenen Motorrad den Snake River. Robert Craig „Evel“ Knievel, Jr. wurde in Butte, Montana geboren und war ein US-amerikanischer Motorradstuntman. Im Laufe seiner. Der frühere Motorrad-Stuntman Evel Knievel ist tot. Der Jährige starb am Freitag in seinem Haus in der Nähe von Tampa Bay in Florida, wie. Der amerikanische Stuntman Evel Knievel, der durch spektakuläre Motorradsprünge bekannt wurde, ist tot. Zu Lebzeiten hatte er unter.

Knievel Video

Evel Knievel, 1967, Caesar Palace Jump


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